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Friday, December 26, 2008

Weekend Ski Conditions

As many of you know, I have focused most of my weather post on
I have also included a weekly update on local Ski conditions like posted here.
There is also a regional radar, and live slope cams. Check it out here and share your thoughts.

If the link does not work, you can always find me in the News Section on Make sure your location is set for Baltimore

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Weather Advisory

This advisory will go into effect this evening, and last through Wednesday morning.
Temperatures will continue to drop all day, and showers will linger. By late afternoon and evening, northern Baltimore and Carroll counties will be near freezing. Freezing rain and some sleet may cause icy problems for the commute home. The computer models are indicating that up to 1/4 inch of ice could fall and accumulate in these areas. While this is the advisory map from early this morning, I see parts of Howard and Harford county that could get icy as well. Depending on the progress of the cold air, there may be some freezing rain into northern parts of Baltimore City by Wednesday morning.
Stay tuned to my updates and full posts on Look in the News Section.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ski Conditons This Weekend

I know some of you have been visiting this page, while I have shifted my primary blogging on the Thank you. I will continue to post important model updates for storms, and other special events here.
I just wanted to point out that I have made a page for Ski Conditions This Weekend on Examiner located here. Look for Winter Favorites on the right side... You will see area conditions, as well as a live slope from most local mountains. I am in the process of trying to make a formal page, so stay tuned. I am also going to make a trip to 7 Springs in western PA next week. More video to follow.
If you have any requests, questions or comments, you can always email me using the contact link on my main web site listed above.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Video Log from Snowshoe this past weekend.

I have been making my primary post on, but here is the playlist of what I had made (so far), from my visit. I hope to add some more video later...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Snowshoe Mountain Weekend

I am working the mountain and will be posting reports on this weekend. the conditions are awesome, and more snow is on the way. They have officially crossed the 70 inch mark for seasonal snowfall, and could hit 80 inches with the next storm- of the clipper slides farther south. If there is a snowfall forecast to update, I will do just that...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Guranteed Snow.. For Me At Least

I will be in transit to Snowshoe, WV today. Time is tight, so my posts will be on while I am away. I will be attempting some video posts, to show the snow and conditions. I expect strong wind, blinding fog (the village is at the summit of 4848'), and some added snow. If I do see more of a shot for Maryland snow over the weekend, I will post a little more detail.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Much Colder Weekend Brings Back Hopes of Snow Showers

This morning was clear and crisp, with many area thermometers dropping into the 20s. While sunshine should get us back to bear normal this afternoon, another shot of polar air is on the way.
A cold front on Thursday will be the first sign. How many times have I mentioned that the atmosphere likes to repeat itself? How many times do I repeat myself, should be a better question. I can get redundant, I know... especially in the season of snow. Here is the cold front on the NAM model for Thursday evening. The timing will be tough. Here, I've analyzed the cold front off of the coast, but the moisture lingering behind in the cold air. The initial shot of the front will may not have a lot of moisture with it. The station's Adonis model (which I posted on Examiner this morning) has the front with showers here in the morning. I looks a bit more like early afternoon. The timing will determine whether we get in that 48-50F range, or stay cooler. The back side, may allow the cold air to catch up with the showers, and mix some snow. The upper level energy lingers much farther west, but there is a chance that some get a mix tomorrow.

The weekend clipper type system looks much more impressive aloft than at the surface. Typically, if a clipper low pressure center passes to our north, we miss out. But this upper level (500mb) map for Saturday evening shows the trough in the jet stream, with the cold pocket of air swinging through. The black 'X' are the vort maxes, or strongest spins aloft, and will be overhead or south- which support showers for us. The purple line is the trough axis, which brings the final surge of cold air and energy. This will time out for Saturday evening into Sunday morning. I think a dusting to an inch in some heavy showers are possible. I will reporting from Snowshoe, WV- where just the elevation of 4848 feet will likely dump 3 to 6 inches or more. I'll have pictures to prove it, but maybe you will have some of you own as well.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Winter Begins Today. Not Much of it Around Here

This afternoon will bring showers, and a surge in the winds. That is the cold air lingering behind the mountains this morning. This 'trough' will bring some showers with the wind shift this afternoon. Temperatures will drop shortly after noon as this band passes. However, this pattern does not support much of the snow to reach us. The wind direction will be more from due west as opposed to northwest. While the cold air may bring some mix or flurries on back end this evening or tomorrow morning, it should be a 'non event'.

Call this break from the cool pattern we had for the last two weeks of November. The overall pattern does not look promising for snow, but the calendar says otherwise. The famed December 5th date is Friday. That has marked the first winter storm 5 of the past 6 years, and I will have more on that later this week. For now, I just wanted to show the only glimmer of hope those of you that have emailed me waiting for something on this day. Here is the GFS showing the upper level energy because the surface features don't look impressive at all. A cold front will pass with most of the energy to our north, and swing through Thursday evening. A surge of warmer air will build in during the Thursday afternoon, so when the front arrives, it will likely bring rain showers.

On Friday, the passage of the upper level trough, does not look impressive. If anything, some flurries may linger in the morning. Considering how quiet it is on the weather maps... I will follow this all week, but don't hold your breath.