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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hanna Update: 6pm

Flash Flood Watch and Tropical Storm Watch

This is just a quick update since I am saving my energy for a late night of football. A flood watch has been issued for most of us west of the bay in addition to a Tropical Storm Watch on the water. The NHC plot just updated what I saw at 11am.. models are pulling back a little to the west. That places the center of Hanna between Annapolis and Ocean City mid day or early afternoon Saturday. That also means an east wind for most of the event. While Storm Surge will be limited, the water on the bay may pile more on the western side and raise water levels an extra 1-3 feet in addition to waves. The wind forecast is for 40-60mph, including near Baltimore. Much more tomorrow morning... My full post on similar tracks from this morning is below.

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