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Friday, September 19, 2008

Pass the Bucky

I've been a little cryptic this week, and have not had much in the way weather insight- but I got a whole new perspective 'forward' from my trip to Wisconsin. This trip has been more about weather with a lack of weather at the same time. It's about approaching debut of our upgraded weather system thanks the the ingenious folks at Weather Central. There are some very cool things I can't wait to share on the air, but we are still two weeks away.
On my last full day here, Bucky Badger along with my tour guide, took me around the campus of the University of Wisconsin and Madison. Some more of the leaves are turning on this campus and city surrounded by two lakes. This is an absolutely gorgeous spot of the country. That's right, Wisconsin!
Beyond the fading era of Brett Favre, cheese heads, and cow jokes, I am floored by the simple beauty of of this area. I wish I could share more than these pictures, but it was enhanced by late summer weather. Here are a few spots I toured Thursday with Bucky Badger... I'll be back to straight up weather stuff next week.

Bucky on the main campus ....

The Wisconsin Capitol is on a hill in the middle of the city. A city that is on an isthmus- between two lakes. Both lakes can be seen from here, and each with it's own character. This view is at the end of State Street, which connects to the University and a bunch of restaurants and bars. A good spot for weather observation. Yeah, I saw two cirrus and a contrail in the afternoon.

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