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Monday, September 29, 2008

Wake Me Up, When September Ends

September rainfall is roughly twice that of normal after a flirt with two tropical systems (well one that was not named, but you know my view on that).
Monday, the markets on Wall Street Crashed. By mid week, our temperatures will crash. I will be off Tuesday and Wednesday- a time when the next cold front will bring us more showers, and a brand new Canadian air mass. I want to jump ahead to Wednesday evening (right before I get back)...
The Upper level trough with this next wave will arrive by Wednesday with two things to keep in mind:
First- the air mass itself supports temperatures that will likely stay in the 60s during the afternoons into the weekend.
Second- Thinking of how the clouds built up quickly today, we now how to watch these vort maxes or 'spokes of energy' wrapping around the trough. I've highlighted the trough in purple, but the yellow shading at the bottom of the trough here on Wednesday night is a sign that it will not be completely clear. The cold air aloft will help clouds to form quickly, and there might even be a stray shower. This is a classic example of 'instability'. When the sun goes down, the clouds clear, and the overnight temperatures get even colder. So by Thursday, and especially Friday morning, we could have temperatures dropped deep into the 40s. Not quite the first frost, but we are getting there.

Below is an active link to the hourly temperatures to follow the cold air on the way...

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