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Friday, January 4, 2008

Bouncing Off Of The Bottom, Western Storm

The coldest air of the season! Not denying that after BWI hit 15F this morning. It was back on Feb 6th, 2007 when we dropped to 8F, but that was with some snow on the ground to help refrigerate the atmosphere. Salisbury actually hit 8F this morning. Is this a waste of cold air? I have never hidden my love of snow. Heck, I'm in this biz for my love of weather and in the winter it is supposed to snow. Remember when you were a kid, and loved the snow. I know it causes problems for traffic and business, but today's kids need it to enjoy what we did. It has been a month since our last snowfall, so I wanted to protest. I have decided (with approval from management) to not shave until we get 2 inches of snow officially reported at BWI. My wife- well she is not too thrilled, but it's for the greater good. It's for the kids. If anything, I can rest my razor. In the long range, it may not last that long. There is a chance of 'something' at the end of next weekend. That is 10 days away, so we'll see what happens. No Snow, No Shave.

I wanted to touch on the hype I saw this morning about the series of storms about to hit California. They are accustomed to extreme conditions- so fire scarred hillside will be subject to mudslides. It's bad, but somewhat common. The report on Good Morning America today was from Truckee California, where they expect 10 feet of snow from this storm. Have you have ever heard stories of the Donner party? That was 1846-1847, when nearly 20 feet of snow fell. In fact 1951-1952 65 feet of snow fell on the summit. For more on the unique extreme weather in the Sierra Nevada, check this link.

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