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Monday, January 21, 2008

A Huge Dissapointment!

Where to begin? I must restrain myself, even here- but I am not happy! Basically, no shave on TV this morning. There are things out of my control- and this was one of them. I was planning on shaving this weekend, but I was convinced to do it live on TV this morning. Well, it turns out the person who was suppose to do it- will not be here. I found out when I got to work this morning, and don't have a razor with me! Guys- help me out here. Would you want to shave your face without a shower anyway- unless a professional is doing it? So basically- I thank you for your support, but apologize for not being able to follow through with the rest. I would have put myself up for the comic humiliation- but don't even have the means to shave myself at work. The beard is coming off today! I am getting quite used to it, but I made a promise and have to stick with it. If anything- I was quite comfortable this morning with the insulation. The coolest thing about this was that some of you have decided to try and grow a beard to, or women have told me they encouraged their husbands to grow their facial fur...
There will be more snow tomorrow. When I get a chance to "cool down' on this frigid morning- I'll get back to the outlook. In the meantime, while most of the USA is in the grips of the deep freeze, read this story to see how China has had it's worst winter in 20 years.

Here is the timelapse video of last week's snow I promised:

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