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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Winter Storm-Not For all

No Snow=No Shave: Day 14 I need 2 inches to fall at BWI to shave, this might be a close call there. More on my Snow Page (link above)
Yes, this is the same storm I blogged about over last weekend, then let go a few days ago. Not completely though: The wintry mix was always in my forecast, I just didn't want to get too excited over this, and we kept the lines down at the stores.
I am still close to what I said yesterday. The difference is the early arrival catching up and holding some slightly colder air in place. Don't expect to see anything on your way to work or school, but you will be at the window watching it around lunchtime.
Here are the basics:

  • Snow begins for all 9am-1pm
  • Mix and change to rain city/south by evening.
  • I-95 will separate snow/ice north- rain south.
  • Check road pavement temperatures for potential slick spots.
  • Icy problems Friday morning in Advisory areas.
Check my TV Weather Graphics and Stuff Pages- Our StormCenter Doppler eliminates the false flakes (virga), while the regional radars will look like it is much closer. This will be a busy day, so I may not be able to post about models, etc. I will hop on quickly and update the snow arrival right here- so check back.
Just wanted to give the basics, and thank you all for spreading the word about my site. Don't forget to get all of your friends to turn the channel to ABC2 as well.


PnkFlyd204 said...

I realize there is going to be a lot of discussion about today's storm and I don't mean to downplay it, but is there a chance for another significant snowfall this weekend? I went to a certain Weather site and saw a forecast of "Snow" for Saturday.

Love your blog. Thanks for creating it.

Justin said...

check out the video blogs I made last weekend- they showed today's storm (better than yesterday's model run) and Saturday. Now that it's back, I want to see if we can get it again on tonight's run. If so, I'll discuss it tomorrow.