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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This will be Brief

Today we make a good run for a 78 year old record. In 1930, we hit 69F in Baltimore. Today we aim for 72F. A slow cool down begins tomorrow. We should be happy that more rain is in the forecast for the end of the week- there is still a drought to contend with.

Day 5 of "No snow, No save". We may have a chance Sunday and Monday. I'll tackle that once I kick my cold- tomorrow.
For those of you following the '96 Blizzard Anniversary, her is the official NWS Snowfall Map for the storm. It should be noted that the snow records I posted yesterday we the result of a few other clippers separate from the Blizzard.


Anonymous said...

Do you have to add anti-global warming propaganda to everything you post? Shame on you. I'm sure this won't be approved, but it has to brought out anyways. Global warming is a serious issue. I'm sick of people like you with a political axe to grind and a pulpit on the internet to espouse your pseudoscience. Guess what... I'll trust the scientific consensus over your beliefs.

Justin said...

All I like to do is point out the facts. It was hot a long time ago, the records show it. I co-taught a climate class with a professor who was a little more alarmed, but realistic not to point out any single event and label it. Global temperature has remained steady, if not dropped since 1998. I do not have a political agenda, just plain science and records. There are many reputable scientists who believe in natural cycles of warming and cooling and were kicked out of the IPCC. See, I did post your comments. I'm well accepting of debate. Shame should be on you for assuming my purpose, and then positing anonymously.
If you have been on my web site, then check out the Snow Page. Just plain facts and records. In fact, the 10 year period of 1995-2005 averaged more snow than the 120+ year average in Baltimore.

Waffle Lady said...

I was just going to post something light and fun like "hey, let's see that 5 o'clock shadow" and found this exchange. I'm too tired to think about temperatures and global warming and the Internets, so can we just see the beard? ;)

Hope all is well in your neck of the 'hood.

Justin said...

Waffle- I'm with you. Why can't we just have fun with the weather. That's why I'm not shaving anyway- watch it grow until the snow does. If you are not from B/more, I will post the time lapse ABC2 is doing when it is ready.