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Friday, May 2, 2008

About that rain...

Once again we head into a weekend with the forecast of showers. This will make 10 out of the past 11! I had a meeting (for a different reason) last week... and it was brought up that most of our recent weekends have had rain in the forecast both days, only to change to at least one dry day. Well, this is likely to be the case again. It's not that I plan it that way, only to make you feel better when it turns out better. However storms don't always isolate themselves to a calendar day, our 7 Day Graphics do. Here is the 7 Day forecast I used on Friday morning. I tried for the past few days to highlight the chance of rain would be in the afternoons and evenings. That means most of the days will be dry. Since we spend more time outside on the weekend, it is more important to get it right. In fact I will be at the ABC2 booth at the Towson Town Festival Saturday- so I better live up to the forecast.
Well here is the NAM model for Saturday evening. On target with the past few days- the severe weather threat will be on the Kentucky Derby- along that cold front. It is often a delay of the showers with this type of system. Considering that High Pressure east of Maine- our winds could be south easterly- which may help some stray showers develop in the afternoon, but the bulk of the rain will be to our west. This cold front will reach us on Sunday, which will bump up our threat of rain.
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