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Saturday, May 10, 2008

More Rain!

I just told my wife, "You not going to be happy for a few days". Oh, she's got a pretty good disposition, and it's Mother's Day Weekend. But she does miss the sun something fierce. There really is no way to sugar coat this. This morning's short wave and rain was a little surprise, one that could have bigger implications. The pattern may be a little faster than the models are crediting. That short wave should have passed this afternoon- the reason I added a chance of showers for this afternoon. The good thing is that it passed earlier, and we may still get some sun.
Here is the Canadian Model that I have been following all week. It has been fairly consistent with rain returning Sunday evening. The speed of this morning's system may indicate a faster arrival of Sunday's rain, which until now I had slotted for 'late' or 'by evening'. I know that is a little vague, but now I may have to start hinting to the time between noon and 4pm. That storm looks like a a cold one spinning off of the coast on Monday- a day we may stay in the 50s or cooler with a brisk north wind.
Well, I made a promise that I would not spend much time on the computer this weekend, and I off to do some shopping with the boy- so I'll be back Monday. Enjoy this afternoon, while you can!

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