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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cold Air Continues.

So it felt like summer for a chance. After reaching 83F yesterday, showers and a thunderstorm with the passing cold front brought on the return of the chill. We have only had 4 days this month with temperatures in the 80s. This morning- widespread Frost and Freeze Warnings were in effect. Forget spring- what happened to Global Warming Al? Sorry I could not resist.
It's this type of cold air that is partially responsible for the severe weather outbreaks this month. Delay the late winter chill and add in typical May heat and humidity- and yes tornadoes will result at the borders of these air masses. I suspect another round of severe weather will erupt Friday and into this weekend as the heat and another synoptic storm develops.
In the meantime: Will will remain below normal on the thermometer through Friday, along with a lot of sun. It's all about the source of this air, and it's coming straight from the Canadian Prairies. Here is the latest NOAA image of snow and ice.
The extent of the winter snow pack polar ice is holding is ground around Hudson Bay. Notice the snow extent in the Rockies of Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah as well.

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