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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday- Better Than Expected!

If you watched the Kentucky Derby on Saturday- then you had an idea that at least my forecast was going to be wrong. The cold front I had advertised to bring severe weather to the race, moved through as you can see here, in the afternoon. However, the rain raced out ahead of it and the race was sunny and dry.
We had our own issues with the warm front that was slow to move north. It kept low clouds and fog in Baltimore County until early afternoon. I was at the ABC2 booth at the Towson Fair hearing it from many of you. I had faith the sun would would pop out, yet it waited until 1pm. At least we had Saturday turn out nice as I said. The showers did arrive late- and so far, so good, right.

Well Sunday (morning map here) had a foggy start, but with the storm now 6-10 hours ahead of schedule... our westerly wind will dry us out. Instead of being the wet day of the weekend, it should turn out nice. This is the 10th of the last 11 weekend with rain, but most of it fell overnight. not a complete bust, but a pleasant surprise after another foggy start. So hopefully no complaints.

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