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Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's Time To Complain- We're Going To Have More Rain

We already had 3 individual record rainfall days in the past week. Here is an updated map of the rainfall from the past two storms. I do not like to sensationalize the weather. Sure I love a good snow, almost look for it all winter... but I know the harm that is done when it is hyped too much. You as the public get frustrated and angry when the weather does not reach your expectations. That has been my philosophy with the Climate Debate, my forecasting on TV, and this blog. But here we go with more rain on the way.

This active storm track continues to reinforce itself. Call it atmospheric memory. We get locked into a pattern, and that is what we are in now. A pattern thanks to outside forces such as La Nina and the North Atlantic Oscillation (explained in previous posts). That is one of the reasons that Mother's Day forecast worked out as I tracked it from 6 days out. So here again is the Canadian Model outlook for Friday morning. I do suspect that this is a little fast, and the heavy rain will be in the afternoon. The gist is the Low and the position. Again just to our south in Virginia. That keeps us on the colder northern fringe, and more severe weather possible from VA Beach into the Carolinas.
For us- it's the potential for over 1 inch of rain that will build on the already swollen streams and saturated soil. Tomorrow I will post the record rain to see if we will be close, but it will make a dent in the monthly total. We have a good shot at that all time wettest May with half of the month and less than 3 inches to go. Another storm on this track is possible by Tuesday or Wednesday. If it's going to do it- we might as well have something to show for it.

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