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Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day! Top 10 Polluted Cities

Today is the first date of the calendar year with sunset time in Baltimore at 8:00pm. A sign of lengthening days and brighter evenings. That's great for after school sports, and my old softball league. As an early riser- it hurts. I wake up at 2:40am for work- which means getting sleep is a challenge. Thanks to Tivo and my 2 yr old son wanting to tuck me in- I have been averaging 7:30pm-8:00pm bed time. That's a lot easier in the middle of winter, but not when it's light outside. So enjoy your evening sun. I wish I could with you- but at least today it will be blocked with clouds.

A warm front moving through- will take it's time and bring in a few days with clouds. The chance of rain will likely be sporadic and mainly in the afternoons. Saturday is a day of intrigue. As I see it now- most of the day will be dry. There is a chance of morning showers- and then the afternoon thunderstorm complex heading our way (I mentioned yesterday). If you are making plans- it should be better than Sunday. Which stinks because my family has outdoor plans in PA that could get rained out. We all know there is no control of the weather, but I get the flack at home too. Let's hope this string of wet weekends will end here, since the next one up is Mother's Day!

Baltimore/Washington ranked #9 in America's Most Polluted Cities!
I have a meeting today with Clean Air Partners to discuss Air Quality and reporting. As we approach summer, it is typically warm days with light wind that we assume will be the worst for pollution, but they are not isolated that just that. I will be working on sharing that information in the next few weeks.
Check out this link to CAMNET for real time pollution and visibility monitoring, and images. The camera looks north towards the Key Bridge, but does not have the Inner Harbor Skyline.

I will try to get back later to talk more about the rain on the way... Until then you can always go to TV Graphics Radars and Cams Tabs above...

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