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Monday, May 5, 2008

Backdoor Front- Surprise clouds?

I was going to take the day off from blogging and try to replay the laughter of my son at Dutch Wonderland yesterday. He had such a good time that I almost forgot that I blew the forecast expecting the front to hang on with rain. You parents understand the feeling of watching your child's pure joy experiencing something for the first time. Ahhhh, I used to feel like that about the weather- and then another blooper this morning.
Well this morning started clear and all of the models looked that way, but a wind shift to the NE was from a back door front that was producing a marine layer. The moist flow from the Atlantic had a cluster of clouds associated with it that was hugging close to the surface. They were missed on the overnight infared images, so at sunrise it became clear- that it would not stay clear.
This is the 8:30am image, showing the cloud deck that was moving in... Ocean City went from a clear sunrise to a thick fog deck within 1 hour. Below are two images showing a clear sunrise, and then the fog deck that rolled in. I had to wait until 8:36am to capture an identifiable image, since the fog was too thick. It's this marine layer and shift in the winds that also brought us some clouds this morning... but not nearly as bad as the coast.

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