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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blue-tiful Day

Yup it's cold, but the sky will be blue. Before I get to the current weather pattern, how about that blue line in Annapolis? For those of you that get tired of Global Warming stories, this is the reason I keep brining it back up here. Besides to exhaustion in regular media formats, it is distortion and misleading information that bothers me more than anything..
In support of the Global Warming Solutions Act- a thin blue line was painted in Annapolis streets yesterday to show how downtown shops would flood.... if the sea level was to rise 20 feet. That would be if the entire Greenland Ice Sheet were to melt. A lot of 'IFs'. The IPCC report (that I do not agree with) has the worst case scenario at the end of this century of a rise of 3 feet. So why show a line with 6 times that? This is just like that old City Paper article discussed on Weather Talk Radio. The front cover animation showed flooding in Ocean City- that looked dramatic. While it did use a 3 foot sea level rise, it never mentioned that the flooding image also included a Category 2 Hurricane (that has not happened in over 100 years). Besides that fact that it falsely represented me, my position and factual information. What you read is often not This run away warming has already been disputed with a petition of 19,000 scientists (including me), as well as recent globally cooling temperatures. I support all 'reasonable' environmental programs and new energy sources- but not at the expense of lying to people. That blue line- while not fully explained- has given a lot of people the impression that 'is' what will happen- in their lifetimes. That is wrong! That is irresponsible! And that is what I want to clear up.
Back to the current weather, the delay in the cold pattern that has skirted around us most of the winter- has settled in now in spring. This morning's temperatures dropped into the 20s- which was around 10 degrees below normal. Today's sun will help, but a north to northeasterly wind will keep us below normal. It's a system passing to our north with overnight and Wednesday morning showers that will shift our wind to the west and allow us to hit the 60s tomorrow. That low pressure developing in the nation's mid section will add more flooding problems there, and bring us an extended stretch of rain Thursday through Saturday morning. While it does seem wet recently, we are making up for a dry start to the year. Currently, we are still 2 inches below normal in rainfall. This pattern is likely to keep us wet atleast into the first half of spring.

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