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Monday, March 10, 2008

What a Storm!

I had a 72mph wind at my house. A few reports of 70 mph at Westminster and Glen Rock, PA. While I watched furniture fly around my deck- along with the grill- it was the top half of my locked door that pushed open that was most alarming. I stood there holding it shut, which may have saved the inside furniture from flying around. Wow! Here are some images our weather net station captured from Lakeland ES/MS. Notice the rainbow, the benefit of an afternoon storm such as this.
That was nearly 4 years to the day (well two days off) from the Ft. McHenry Water Taxi accident. I will try to post our ABC2 report and the Storm Stories report as well- later today.
Below are the images related to poll I put up this weekend comparing our new radar to the old one online.

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