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Friday, March 7, 2008

What Prize? More of the same

There is a lot of stuff here to digest, but I hope it makes up for not posting Thursday...
Since we last talked... a lot has happened here at the deuce. I will not discuss it here, so it's something you'll have to read elsewhere. However, in the hustle, I have been working on rebuilding our weather page (ABC2), and now have a few of our images ready for auto updates online. Here is the our Eastern Radar that should update every 10 minutes or so. The temperatures should update by 15 minutes after every hour.
You can see a large storm still developing and taking that same old track to our west. With temperatures on the back side. It has already brought 9 inches of snow to parts of Texas. It will bring nearly 2 feet of snow to parts of OH and Western PA. By all accounts, a major late winter storm. For us the potential for 2 inches of rain or more. That would likely prompt another Flood Watch (although the last one never panned out). There is already flooding along the Susquehanna River- south of the Conowingo Dam. They had 18 gates opened yesterday, and I think they may push their 30 gates by Sunday or Monday with heavy rain and snow upstream in PA and NY.
The tail end of this storm should still bring in the cold air and that turn over to snow. I doubt we get any accumulation now- much like most of this winter.
Here is the NAM outlook for Saturday. Here are the morning and evening maps. While this Low Pressure rides almost directly overhead, the cold air is locked well to our west. Pitt. is one of the places that will get heavy rain and end as snow, but west and north in the Great Lakes... 20 inches is a possibility. For us, that 540 line pulls through at the tail end, and we could get some snow while air temperatures are still in the mid 30s. I do not expect accumulation.

Persistence wins. I call it atmospheric memory. Storms like to lay down invisible tracks and follow them. Here is the Accuweather winter outlook from November. I have to say It is the closest to the outlook for the season, and typical of La Nina Winters. I have been solid with a near normal snow year- based on the chance of one or two large storms. The sand is running out of our hourglass... and this storm may have been one of our last chances. It was March 10-13 in 1993 that brought the 'Superstorm' our way with and average of 1-2 feet of snow and heavy ice. There still is some hope in the almanc. Our latest and largest March storm in Baltimore was on March 29th, 1942. We had 22 inches! Oh- we can dream.

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