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Monday, March 3, 2008

Taste of Spring- For Some

This is the time of year that we get little bursts of spring temperatures. But for the same reason that our region is difficult to call snow- so it is for temperatures. This morning's water temperature at the Thomas Point Light House was 39F. That acts to refrigerate the air. So as a strong south wind will pump inland areas to the mid 60s, a breeze off of the bay will hold nearby areas to a range of 48F-52F. It's difficult to determine exactly how fr reaching this influence will be since it will be based off of a minor kink in the wind field. The initial warm up will force the air to rise, and colder dense air near the water will flow in- shifting that wind to the south east. This is similar to what happens at the beach in the summer time. So BWI- which is just miles away from the Chesapeake, could fall on either side. I've seen that wind shift kick in mid afternoon and drop the temperature 10 degrees. Or it can stay just east in Glen Burnie, while the airport reaches the mid 60s...
Here is a sample of temperatures on opposite ends of Baltimore County for comparison. It will be most dramatic between noon and 4pm.You can also check the County Spotlights Pages.

Owings Mills:


I know many of you are frustrated with our lack of snow, and losing confidence in any chance this winter. I personally see this warm up as a good sign. The atmospheric balance should bring another arctic shot within a week or so. However, another push into the 60s should be about 3 weeks away. I will have more on our winter pattern tomorrow.

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