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Friday, March 28, 2008

Swing- and a miss

Spring and stationary fronts are almost as frustrating as a rain snow line forecast. While I expected to reach close to 60 yesterday, we did not. I wasn't that far off, but definitely cooler than I thought. As you can see here, there was a dramatic spread of temperatures... 70s to our south, 40s to our north. Farther north in the Great Lakes it was pure snow. Detroit had 3.5 inches of the stuff...Bringing them to 41.5 for the season. About 12 inches or 40% above normal.
So what happens today? I expected the rain and cold side of this boundary to be here by now- but it's not. It looks like a surge of warm air will arrive just ahead of the front. However the front seems to be moving faster than models are hinting. So if the showers arrive earlier, that would cut off our warming potential. Any added clouds will keep us cooler, while a hour or two of sun would allow us to jump much higher. A tough call, but I had to bite the bullet and go back into the 60s. As for that steady rain I mentioned yesterday- uh, no. Only the chance of showers or a thunderstorm.
This weekend will be cooler and windy. That's not good for the tree I almost lost in the wind machine two weeks ago. Gusts from the north over 30 mph will hold most of us in the upper 40s this weekend. Right now, it's looking cool for opening day baseball with a chance of a shower. Stay tuned....

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