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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kiss my GrITs

That's Gravity wave Interactions with Tornadoes,not something in Mel's Diner. As we enter spring, and severe weather season, I thought this was some interesting research from NASA.
First: Gravity waves are caused by a variety of sources, including the passage of wind across terrestrial landforms, interaction at the velocity shear of the polar jet stream and radiation incident from space. They are found to affect atmospheric tides in the middle atmosphere and terrestrial weather in the lower atmosphere.
No, you will not weigh less or more on a scale, but there is a slight fluctuations of the gravity force due to opposing forces. It's now believed that gravity waves interacting with strong rotating storms may enhance the chance of it spinning up some twisters. You may have noticed occasional bulges in the clouds passing overhead. Check out this YouTube video showing gravity waves passing through the sky. For more information about NASA's research, click here.

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