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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The costof warm weather in March

March is known as the windy month- and storms like this help to prove it. While a slow moving storm (see the TV Graphics-Radars Page) will take all day moving towards us, it will be another warm one. Temperatures peaked at 68F yesterday. This morning, it was 60F at 5am! However clouds and the increasing threat of showers will hold us in check.
While we do expect showers this afternoon. Heavy rain will likely hold off until after dark. The model guidance for rain is between 1.00 and 1.50 inches. However is will fall on some frozen ground- at least just under the surface. That limits the soils ability to absorb rain- and will increase runoff. While there may be some standing water or big puddles on a few roads, I don't expect too much of a problem. Strong southerly winds along the bay will raise water levels there as well.

This storm is quite impressive. Snow was falling in Dallas last night as Charles Gibson was doing the evening news. Ohio will be the focus today not only for the primary, but the dramatic change as well. While temps are in the 50s this morning, A Winter Weather Advisory has also been posted for freezing rain and snow this afternoon.

Even when it gets cold, there is no consensus
NY Times Graphic crediting La Nina
This may not be the best time to drudge up the Global Warming issue again- but I heard a few comments yesterday when we reached 68F. Yet it was 78f back in 1923, and today's record of 80F was also set in 1923. I know and feel the frustration of our lackluster snow this winter (there is still hope), but I have tried to share the light the rest of the nation has experienced. In fact, it has been a rough winter around the globe- dating back to last winter in the southern hemisphere. This story in the New York Times- gives credit primarily to La Nina. There is currently a Conference on Climate Change in NY
giving a voice to advocates with scientific and climatological backgrounds that dispute what has been hyped in the media. This conference has not gotten much press, but you can find more information on their web site. As I often said to my students- make up your own minds- don't let me do it for you. Just take in all of the available information and make an educated opinion.

As for our chance for snow may not be far away... After I get a chance to see how this front behaves, I will look at our chance of weekend snow tomorrow.

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