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Thursday, December 13, 2007

ICE-olated Mid Day

One of my gripes with perceived warming is due to bad weather stations. At 11am, I noticed a lot of 'weatherbug' stations ranging from 31F-34F. BWI was 37F, and stuck there all morning. That site has had issues in the past, so I called the NWS office. They compared to weather underground, and thought it was fine. Well sure enough, at noon, it dropped to 34F. Much more in line with the region, but what if I did not call???
Snow lovers, this is actually a good sign. The front early in the week was projected to move north, but did not and temps stayed colder. Today's damming is keeping us colder- and a better chance of ice that I did not believe this morning. So the trend of colder may be due to the model's lack of data up north, and lack of credit to cold air. The trend this morning with the weekend storm is colder and more ice/snow. And that may be biased. The Snow Poll ends soon, so if I post the map, it will be this evening. I am off of work tomorrow, but will blog by noon when the morning models are in. That is when I will put my first snow cast out.

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