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Thursday, December 6, 2007

'Thursday' Morning Quarterback

Yesterday I gave myself a mid day report card of a B. This morning, I'd say between a B and B-. Is it wrong that I am upset for undercutting the snow? A little humble pie? In retrospect, I did blog early this week that this track would often give us the higher end of snow, and the bulls eye was in Central MD. Also, I have been pointing to Dec 5th for about a month (well for the past few years too). However, I was afraid to pull the trigger yesterday morning for this first event. Honestly, I never would have gone higher than 4" though. Here is one of our report maps. I have another on on my Weather Graphics and Cams Page. Below you can see some Doppler Estimates. Click on each image for a full view.
What I got right: It snowed, it was worse after 3pm, and I was the first to put out accumulating amounts. What I got wrong: Morning snow - was from a second Low that developed ahead of the clipper. This gave us the added 2-3 inches. Some roads were icy during the day. that was due to temps staying 3 degrees colder, so more stickage and accumulation. Why? Well the track of a clipper in southern VA is perfect for us. I knew that, but rounding the base of the 500mb tough, and tapping into 850mb Temps of -6C to -8C allowed the support for this moisture to survive the trip over the mountains. The clipper itself would have given us 2-4 inches, but the development ahead of the main Low is what pushed some amounts over 6 inches. Thanks to all for sharing your pics... I will try to get some on the air or here later. Remember my full web site link is in the upper right corner of this blog.

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