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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Snowfall Records- 1980s

As we look at the 1980s snowfall in Baltimore, the decade is on target with the past 30 year average. But a few outliers are clearly seen. This was a clear El Nino/La Nina decade.

First, '80-'81 and '88-'89 both had less than 10 inches of snow. A La Nina occurred in '88-'89. Yet the '82-'83' season and '86-'87 both had about 35" of snow. These two big seasons were during El Nino. The '82-83' was a very strong El Nino that led to billions of dollars in damage in CA, and instigated the current research and government funding for satellites and buoys. The '86-'87 El Nino was just developing.

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