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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Split Decision

Today, a normal day for late December. This is essentially the shortest day of the year, well daylight for those who want to get technical. The Winter Solstice is over the weekend, but the change in daylight from today to Saturday is only a difference of 7 seconds. So today being the sunny one, enjoy it!
We have cold air (35F-40F) in here for tomorrow, but that will also push this current system to our south. That gives us the clouds, but no snow. The winds around the Canadian High Pressure will be from the northeast. That could add some moisture for an evening snow shower or freezing drizzle in spots..but it does not look like a big deal now. Not much model support, but I have been watching the radar all morning, showing a hint at the precipitation shifting a little farther north. It may be worth watching on our southern fringe.

The weekend storm, which is now in the Rockies, will take a track into the Great Lakes. There is our split. South and west, we keep missing our mark. That will certainly draw in warmer air and bring us plain old rain. Two questions arise, how much rain, and how warm. The GFS model I followed last week, is bringing a front in a weakened for Sunday Evening, while my trusty Canadian model is much more wet. For the purpose of impact, I am showing that Canadian here. An inch of rain would help our drought, and could be the cast, if this model verifies a wave of Low Pressure riding up the front. Behind that, I see an upper level disturbance with the cold air on Christmas day. This may provide some holiday flurries.

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