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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snow Poll

There is some buzz now on the weekend storm. As a scientist and broadcaster, I say it is dangerous to put a number out too soon. There is not enough data to support total snowfall more than 48 hours before it 'starts'. If the storm does not verify, or changes the public sees you crying wolf. I posted a poll at the right to see what you think. What's better? Trying to hit a home run and risking a strikeout, or analyzing data and being responsible to the public. Regardless of my opinion, I will act on your votes here on this blog. I welcome your comments as well.


Anonymous said...

I was told the comments were not working, so this is a test. Please feel free to share your thoughts here.

Anonymous said...

Great site... found it through Mr. Foot's blog!

Looks like some some interesting developments ahead!

Keep us posted!!


Wayne said...

I agree with you Justin. Way too early to put a number out there and even too early to get too in depth about this possible storm. You still can't help but get excited at what the GFS might be hinting at, and a few other models for that matter. Just hope the primary low fades early and we see the new low really bomb off the Delmarva. Two worries I have though are climatologically this would probably favor more of a changeover to rain with a further inland track and can the trough moving in displace that persistant ridge off the SE coast just enough to allow for a southern track? Obviously I'm a snowlover so I'm praying for a southern track!

Orrin Silverman said...

I think it would be cool to describe a worst case scenario given the amount of moisture that is going to develop. Of course, something like, "this is just an estimate," would have to be stated.

I am Jen said...

Oh my, getting technical here. In my scientific conclusion, if I were God then I could throw out these amounts and they would be correct. But I am not and no one else is, so best estimate is to play it safe and watch the weather and stick your finger up in the air to get a wind reading and then estimate what's sticking to it, along with the Low and High's. Then and only then, could you possible get a reading that was worth mentioning to the public.

But seriously, I think is best to make your own interpretation of what you see and not use someone else's stuff.

BTW - I am not a weather person or even close. I would just like to see a big snowfall so we could sled in our backyard again!

gmanatee taylor said...

JB, if you do not support those, put them on the back burner. as my grandpa use to say, "go with your gut" if you don't feel it in your gut, don't cry wolf! we're ready for ur facts for ur the weather expert! your new weather geek student in westminster...GT