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Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Makeover?

For some maybe, but essentially more of the same. This was the scene at 5:00am this morning: Dense Fog Advisory since it was so thick it was hard to see street signs and other cars on the roads. BWI 39F, yet Richmond, VA was at 63F. Wow! Although the fog was worse north of B'more, and not that bad downtown, the moderate rain that fell between 4-6am just made it ugly. The temperatures at that hour told the true story. I telestrated this stationary front that has been plaguing us all weekend, and will do so most of this week. Combine chilled ground from recent snow, moisture from falling rain, and warm, moist air trying to move our way- and Fog is often the result. This boundary is essentially the polar front. Click over to the TV GRAPHICS, RADARS and CAMS tab. The second link down has the national temperature map, and you can see the polar plunge in the nations heartland. Not much push for the cold air to move, just stay in place, and we just make it on the mild side, or do we? Figuring out these fronts is one of the hardest things. It's safe to say we stay out of the ice, but how far north that warm air makes it, could be the difference between low 40s and mid 60s. I did forecast the Eastern Shore to hit 65F (Easton), while the chilly air gets dammed in Cecil county stuck in the 40s. The rest of us should hit near 50F or so. Regardless, it looks like we are in for showers from this front through Thursday. At early glance, Saturday may bring the next chance of snow, stay tuned...

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