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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Beyond The Boardwalk- Save Our Shores

Today (Saturday) I will be at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Here is a list of the weekend activities: Click for more information:

Did you know that we all live in a watershed? It basically means that all of our water from rain, lawn watering, farming, etc., will drain in to the Chesapeake Bay. Think of the flooding along the Mississippi now and the reports of Toxic Sludge, and you'll see where I am going with this. In fact, did you know that the increase in corn for ethanol has resulted in a deadly result in the water? This corn uses more nitrogen for fertilizer that drains down the Mississippi and into the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in a dead zone. Click the link for more.
Today, I have placed a link to ABC2's Save Our Shores page, in conjunction with StormCenter Comm. You'll see that link along the top with my other pages.
You can start to educate yourself about the impact you might have on our watershed. While the talk of pollution often is directed to climate change these days- that debate will continue for sure, but the result of our actions on the local waterways is more immediate and indisputable.
If you can not make it down to the Aquarium, you can find out much more on the web site. Below is the image you will see on that page. Click for full link.

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