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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fear Factor: James Hansen Style

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the speech James Hansen gave Congress about Global Warming, so he gave it again. He is considered the Godfather of this issue. There is no mention of the sketchy background to this speech.
First: It was planned on a date that was historically one of the hottest in DC. sounds like the July Concert Gore put on.
Second: Hansen and supporters left the windows open the night before, so the air conditioning would not work well during the speech. So while the talk was about heat, people, and most importantly the press were sweating. HMMmmmmmmmmmmmm!
By the way, Hansen's proposed warming has been revised a few times- down! Dr. Patrick Michael's from the University of Virgina documented this. The full report can be found here. In 1988- Hansen called for a global temperature rise of 0.34C in the next decade. It did warm, but only 0.11C. That is 1/3 of the expected warming, and a sign of a few revisions pointing out that the alarmists may have embellished their expectations, and may be doing so today as well.
Hansen is also dubbed NASA Warming Scientist. However, there is another NASA scientist involved in the Climate Change Debate, who does not get the same press coverage. Dr. Roy Spencer was NASA's Climate expert responsible for developing a computer modeling system for deriving temperature from satellites. The IPCC is using his work, but before he corrected his own mistakes. Once Spencer accounted for precipitation in climate modeling, the result for Global Warming was much lower. Unfortunately that did not support the environmental cause, so it was ignored. Dr. Roy Spencer is the author of Climate Confusion. Here is a link to his web page on Nature's Thermostat. Below is a clip from 20/20 interviewing him and other climate experts who argue with scientific evidence that Global Warming is not nearly as bad as portrayed by the media, and how they have been shunned by the press. Honestly: What is happening with this debate, not allowing the public to hear evidence for both arguments is a lack of honest journalism and ignoring the basic scientific method. That is why I often call it the Global Warming Theory. It is not proven, but driven by fear. Sure, we need a more aggressive energy policy, but is it worth scaring kids and falsely educating the public? I agree that the government could have and should have done more to get us on a more energy independent track. That includes the issues of today with local drilling, renewable energy from solar and wind, and tighter efficiency standards. I grew up in NY State which was decades ahead of places like Maryland in recycling as well. So I am happy that people or more environmentally conscious, but there is a lack of honest information displayed in most media outlets because the truth is not as extreme and may very well be natural and not our fault. Check out the EPA and do a comparison of air quality from the 1970s to today and you will be amazed how much we have cleaned up.

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