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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Storms Out, Temperatures Pulling Back

The complex of storms that erupted Monday did dump some hefty rain in Baltimore- but the big storms stayed away this time. Look at the numerous hail reports in norther PA and NY states. However it was nearby DC and Virgina that got nailed! There was a ten that collapsed on the Washington Mall that injured 10 people yesterday and the Nationals Ballpark had recorded a 62mph wind gust. Baseball like objects were falling far away in Virginia. Highlighted on the map here- 1 mile north of Ruckersville- hail of 4.25" was reported. That's impressive!

A much cooler weather pattern will prevail thanks to an upper level Low in Ontario, Canada. This is more like an early spring. This Upper Level Low (500mb) will meander for the next few days and provide 'spokes' of energy that can spark afternoon showers and thunderstorms. The timing of these spokes or vort maxes will determine what we get. If they arrive overnight or in the morning, then nothing more than clouds could be the case. If we get one in the afternoon or early evening, then thunderstorms will pop up. Despite the fact that we will have cooler temperatures in the 70s, there contrast to much colder air aloft can produce some severe weather with large hail. Generally it will be isolated in nature, but something to watch this week.
Record Low Temperatures?
It's a stretch, but it is possible. Here is what we may challenge over the next few days:
Wednesday: 48F June 18, 1959
Thursday: 48F June 19, 1954
Friday: 52F June 20, 2005


Davis said...

Good Morning Justin!

This morning you mentioned that the Horseheads/Elmira area got hit bad with the storms. My husband is from Horseheads and I am from Elmira. We actually came back from a visit from the area Sunday afternoon! We just missed the storms. I guess I'll have to call home and see how bad the damage was!

The Joki Family

Justin Berk, AMS CBM said...

Joki Family...
You must know the story of the naming of Horseheads.... Did they ever complete the work turning Rt 17 to I-86?