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Friday, June 6, 2008

Instant Summer: Dangerous Heat

I was saying. "Since this is the first heat wave of the season..". The thing is, it doesn't matter. If it was just 90F, that would pass... but mid to upper 90s and high humidity, well it's just brutal!
If anything, this will get bumped to a warning if we reach the index at 110F or greater.
After a busy weeks with storms, and the schedule shift along with 6 day weeks- I am taking a break for the weekend. Below is a Heat Index Chart. With temperatures expected to be near 95F and Dew Points around 70F- that will actually make it feel like 120F according to the chart below. I have also loaded an active Heat Index map. This should update hourly... You can find the hourly temperatures and other images on my TV Graphics Page. Also live weather on my County Spotlights in the tabs above....
Please, stay cool and don't forget to give lots of water to your kids and pets...

1 comment:

John said...

You called it, "The spring runs below normal in April and May, and as the jet lifts to our north by June- it brings prime heat with it, right on schedule." (May 12)
--Good Work.