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Thursday, June 19, 2008

What Energy Conservation?

I know I have been hard on Al Gore, and some of you (only some) have not been happy about that. Well besides a movie that holds numerous mistakes, and exploiting a cause for personal profit, there is one more thing the former "Next President" should answer...
A report came out yesterday about his energy consumption, and it's gone up. Last year, a ridiculous utility bill for his Tennessee mansion last year that got public scrutiny. It was $30,000- about 20 times the national average. That for a man that promotes energy conservation, and he has other homes that just that. Not only do I find this hypocritical, I find it hard to accept that he gets awards for a documentary with false facts and unlimited press, but this is ignored. To find out more on his 10% utility bill increase, read here. For the record, this does include his attempt to switch over to green energy.

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