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Friday, November 21, 2008

Afternoon Update 2pm: MESO LOW means more snow

I was on the road and unable to make a full model post. This was the image from 11:30am- now fixed.
This is a strong fort max that looks like a mesoscale Low Pressure. One band in central PA and the tail back through PIT and OH. This spin should ride the upper level flow and pass south mid afternoon and may provide that burst of snow that could drop some accumulation. Timing this is between 3pm and 6pm.

This image from 1:50pm shows it dropping south and east... but not as fast as I thought. However, the spin is pretty evident on and radar loop. Check it out in my TV Graphics tab above- and click on Radars and Stuff...
If this holds up and arrives a little later.. then it could be an evening event. Since any snow falling near or after dark will stick, we could get the maximum punch out of this. It is hard to say how much, since the models are not tracking this I will stick with my initial 1-2 inches from TV this morning. But heck, you could get more if it plays out right.

This was what I was greeted to when I got home... a fresh cover of snow (yes I live a bit north of Baltimore partly for this reason). I wasn't going to show my whole place for 'security' reasons, but it was pretty. That little snowman is our 18" measuring post... and we just put it out. Last year, we got snow within 2 days of putting him out as well... How about that.
I hope you all get the some later on.

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