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Friday, November 28, 2008

Sunday Storm More Likely

First, give it up for Larry Cosgrove. I posted his outlook for the storm on Monday- yet it was his forecast from last weekend. The models have had a hard time picking it up until yesterday, and now as expected there is a wide range of possibilities.
So I want to wait until the morning package arrives before make my full forecast. However, here is the GFS that came on board two days ago. Here you can see the expected transition of energy to a second Low Pressure that will be the main storm up the coast. This is pretty much a given, but the position of this transition, as well as the timing and push of cold air will all play into what we see here. This classic set up also shows the face of a cold air dam. The is the white arrow I drew to highlight the cold air sliding south from High Pressure in New England. Because of all of the variables, and the first time this season for this type of storm, I really want to hold off for my call until I see more data. the resolution of the models improves dramatically when we get within 60 hours. That would make this morning's computer models that much more important for Sunday night and Monday's possibilities. So check back later for more. Right now, just plan for a mix, and likely heavy rain then ending with some snow

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