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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Winter Examiner Poll

Here is one of the few cases early voting can be good and fair. As I shifted my blog to, there are still some limitations. I am using this spot for a Winter Season Snow Poll - At the right. What do you you think about this season? The poll will end Wednesday morning, and I will post the results on Examiner. I will also spend at least 1 day each week on the seasonal forecasts. Check back for Wednesday Winter Outlooks.
The chart at the right is of a wild 10 year period we just had with the top 1 and 2 and bottom 3 and 4 seasons on record. We've had dramatic swings in both directions.
2005-2006 = 19.5"
2006-2007 = 11.0"
2007-2008 = 8.5"

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