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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Moving to

After nearly 4 years of blogging, and the past year on the improved Blogger set up- I have made the move to be a Baltimore Weather Examiner. It has been in the works for a few months, and hopefully today to partnership will be a flawless transition. Please check out my Examiner Page. The link will open in this window, but may hold the banner from my web site. If it's too busy, cut and past this into your browser:
If you are here for the first time, please scroll down and you'll get an idea of how I cover my storm forecasting and blogging. Please contact me and let me know what you think..
Note: Keep this link handy. I will continue to post model analysis here, as well as days when I have many images to share.
In honor of my transition, and new layout, I wanted to post some pictures Jim Schuyler recently sent me. Above is a great fall shot from Prettyboy Reservoir in Baltimore County. Below was last weekend and a perfectly timed shot some kyakers at Great Falls, VA.

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