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Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday Was Sweet In The Football Suite, Despite Raven's Defeat

I was lucky to get a ticket to the Classic Catering suite at M and T Bank Stadium yesterday. This view from the 10 yard line was on the south facing side of the stadium. It's been a while since I spent a few hours in one stretch outside... and it was hot! Although we only hit 73F in the afternoon, the sun made it feel more like the mid 80s and the seats were burning. Poor me, right? What's interesting is that lower sun angle in the fall can make it feel warming on your skin. It all depends on the angle the sun hits you. In the summer, with the sun almost directly overhead, you would feel the sun on your head, or as you lay down by the pool. In the fall, just sitting down, lets that sun focus it's rays on your face, arms, and chair at the game (if your on the visitors side of M and T Bank). By now you know the result of the game, and that took some of the enjoyment out of the air.
Some. A more dramatic change is on the way, as overnight temperatures could dip into the 30s (outside the beltway) Tuesday and Wednesday morning..
A Frost Advisory has been posted for the Pennsylvania Counties just to our north

That cold air should help accelerate the turning of the leaves. Before we get out chance to leaf peep, images from across the country are already pouring in.
One spot I am still waiting to visit, is Aspen Colorado. The unique thing about this place, is that the leaves all seem to turn the same color at the same time. This provides a layering of colors that would make Bob Ross happy. This actually looks like one of his pictures.

Oh, but wait, there's more. This morning I rediscovered our "photo's" section on our StormCenter Weathernet. In addition to thousands of neighborhood temperatures from across the country, we get pictures as well. Here is my favorite this morning. I will share more each day this month. If we're lucky, we'll have some snow mixed in by then...

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