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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Snow Storm Out West Will Feed Rain Here Saturday.

That is one impressive looking storm. A bulls eye of sorts in the center of the country, responsible for Winter storm Warnings in western Nebraska and Kansas. However, it is spun out and has run it's course, and warped dry air around the center. A secondary Low will develop at the famed 'triple point' to it's southeast, and that will be our main source of rain this weekend.
That same High Pressure just north of New York State that brought us this cold snap, will park over New England and enhance our wind feeding off the ocean into the storm. We will be on the warm side, so no snow here- yet. Just a good soaking Saturday, but optimism that it will speed through and clear out for a decent Sunday.
The original Low will not disappear complete. As it meanders into Canada, it will help to pull down our coldest shot of the season next week. The pattern is looking interesting early next week, as a coastal Low may really wind up near New England. This would be a stronger version of what happened just a day and a half ago. The result will not only be a continued 'colder than normal' pattern, more showers, but perhaps more widespread snow showers. I know I hit on this yesterday, so I will wait for another model run to lock into it. In my weekend out look on tomorrow's post, I put my confirmation on whether we get some here or not.

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