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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Defining Fall

Quiet and Cold is the best way to describe this morning. The coldest spot was York, Pa at 33F, but Towson dipped to 36F (at least off the hill in valley by Riderwood ES).
I give it about a week until we have some truly good fall color in the leaves. Right now it's just a little spotty. So here is a snapshot from the great state of Maine. As you view this, consider, what is your definition of fall. I got an email from a loyal viewer this morning with his take:

Gotta laugh: You describe how you know it's fall by the leaves changing. I describe fall by the wife (and mother in law who lives with us) by them telling me it's time to take out the screens and put in the storm windows. Geez--I hate that job! LOL
Terry in Bell Air.

Thanks for sharing...

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