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Friday, October 3, 2008

First Foliage Report

What are you doing this weekend?
The first few days of October have provided increasing leaf reports just to our north. While I have noticed some color in the trees nearby, just a short drive to the north will make all the difference. If you are trying to avoid the crowds of the Fells Point Festival, Michael Phelps Parade (here in Towson), or the Raven's game on Sunday... just take about a 2-3 hour drive into Pennsylvania. There you will find the leaves entering the 3 week period of 'near peak' conditions. While low to moderate color is the official report, the color is fresh and expanding daily. These chilly mornings are helping the transition... and the 'high color' should be more widespread in the next two weeks. At that point we always risk the threat of any storm taking down the leaves and missing out. If not this weekend, then just wait another 2 weeks until we have some good leaf color within our state borders. The typical leaf peeping season for Maryland ranges from mid October near the PA line and western mountains, late October inside the beltway, and as late as early November for areas near the Bay and the Eastern Shore.

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