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Monday, August 25, 2008

End of Summer Cold

Perhaps it's the exhaustion of a full week of Fay (Stormpulse Tracking now on it's own page in Seasonal Tab above- main web site). Perhaps it's the lack of sleep from watching Phelps little Nastia late night from Beijing... Either way- I took it on the chin this weekend with a cold. The worst cold I have had in years. No one is supposed to get sick in the summer, are they? It just seemed like a waste, with great weather to boot. The yard work was neglected, but I was able to clean up my hard drive a little bit.
Now for the 'real' cold that some of you might care more about...
The Farmer's Almanac will hit the newsstand Tuesday with a forecast that may hurt in many ways....
While this is one of MANY almanacs, and a forecast that is generated up to 2 years ahead of time... it does boast an 80% accuracy. Here is their account from last year's forecast.
So what is it?
"Numbs The Word"
Or to put it bluntly: Colder than normal for most of the US.
At least that is what this publication is saying... Click here for the AP story. You know, that just got a free commercial out of this forecast... and I bet I could make some money if I had the first winter outlook attached in print. So take ti for what it's worth...
There is also Old Farmer's Almanac that gets into the swing soon. Not to leave out the Hagerstown Almanac, and numerous others.
The National Weather Service is actually going the other way- with a warmer than normal winter outlook. Here is the temperature outlook from The Climate Prediction Center for November-December-January. The orange shading speaks for itself.
So why will this hurt,? Those of you that know me, know I love snow. The utilities will no doubt get exploited, as well as a wide range of forecast to follow...In the past- I have posted all of the winter forecasts I could find on my old web page with Weather Talk Radio. I will put a new list together on this site this year, so stay tuned for the details.. As for me, I like to wait until the fall pattern sets up to get an idea of what we will see into the winter...

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