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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Living on a hill and afternoon showers has provided a vantage point for great rainbow spotting over the past few days.
This is what I captured yesterday afternoon. Indeed we had rain falling with the sun out, and this slow moving cell held the rainbow in the sky for nearly 30 minutes. A rarity!

I am glad I got this image, which turned out to be a much better overall experience then what I had on Friday.
I thought I would keep this story to myself, but it is so pathetic, I had to share...I was just relaxing on a day off, and doing some yard work/getting ready for dinner, when I spotted - uh- a rainbow. I realized that I had to get the camera, and did a light job into the house. I should add that I was barefoot, and it was wet. As soon as I made the turn from the driveway to the concrete garage- I bit it. With no traction, I wiped out and landed on the inside of my right knee. I stayed there for 30 second, just waiting. My wife, saw the whole thing and I think went back into the house quietly to hide her laughter. Here I was on an extended week, hoping to go out for an evening run, and play golf the next day, etc... When I realized nothing broke, I got up to get the camera and grab the photo. Scratch that, I hopped! Bruised and battered, I did have a pretty harsh contusion on my tibia, and sore lower quad muscle. "How would you explain this, if we had to go to the hospital", my wife asked. "Um, Doc, I was chasing a rainbow." Not my proudest moment, and now you all know. I did push myself out yesterday for that run, and came home to this. Not as exciting, but a better arc. It's got to bring good luck, right. I'm waiting for the bird droppings next.

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