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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quiet For Us, Catastrophic for Florida

Not much to say, but a boring a beautiful day. I did not post yesterday since I was on assignment in Harper's Ferry. Poor me, right? That story will air tomorrow- and it was a perfect time to visit. So for today, I will stay local and enjoy what we have. Clear, cool, and quiet.
It's this Canadian High Pressure bringing us beautiful weather, that is squashing Tropical Storm Fay. This same air mass will provide the steering current to bring it back west into the weekend. As of this morning, Melbourne officially had 7.97" of rain yesterday, but nearby areas have had up to 25 inches since the storm move in. Governor Christ has called it "Catastrophic Flooding". Unfortunately there is more on the way and it may be called biblical when all is said and done.The StormPulse Map is below, and now has it's own page in the Seasonal Tab Above (main web site)

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