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Monday, August 4, 2008

Home Sweet Home, Problems Elewhere...

OK, I am back to my old routine this week, and the weather has cooperated. At least today will be quiet albeit with a warm up back close to 90F. Tuesday and Wednesday we will jump back into the 90s with the whole humidity and storm thing.
Look at the heat wave in the south!
Widespread temps above 100F. That's Dallas that jumps out with 107F. That was a new record for them, but if they hit that mark today... it will only tie a record set in 1951.
This heat will likely continue and just a small piece gets in here Tuesday and Wednesday. We will likely jump into the 90s, but that pales in comparison. Our hottest day so far this year... 96F, back on June 10th

Tropical Storm Edouard
This is a storm like Dolly, in strengthening mode. The morning update from NHC does keep it just below hurricane status at landfall, but any small fluctuation could change that.
The interest lies in the oil rigs and hyper-sensitive market we are in. Remember Katrina? No, this is not even close, but in the same general area. The oil rigs can withstand this storm, but production may slow as personnel get evacuated. This oil market is like NASA's Mercury Rocket Program in the early 1960s. A quick launch into orbit, then a slow parachuted landing.
Below is a map of the oil rigs in the Edouard's path.... as of this morning, Oil was up about $1, and may react to the ever changing forecast. So once again, it looks like another excuse to bring gas prices back up, at least for the short term. After the storm passes, and no damage has occurred, we can watch the much slower reaction on the way down....
More importantly, there could be some flooding in the Galveston/Houston region of Texas at landfall. Some of these ares had heavy rain with Dolly's landfall 1 week and a half ago....

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