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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stalled Storm=Flooding. More Showers Today- Right For The Wrong Reason

It's a case of- you got it, or you didn't . This storm was bad, and my co workers told em this morning. It rained so hard, they could not see out their windows as it sat in the sat spot for hours.
I have seen a handful of storms like this over my last 11 summers in Baltimore. It's likely a small Bay breeze Boundary set up- which is an invisible wall where the west wind meets up with an easterly flow that develops off of the Chesapeake. That wall often sets up near the fall line, where the hills begin to lead into the mountains to our west. It was around this time in 2000. It rained so hard, the Jones Falls Flooded and cars in Hamden were carried away. I had a group of friends going to the Jimmy Buffet concert at Merriweather, and they got stuck in the flood on the west side of the beltway. That event, also confined to a small area, while just a few miles away, almost nothing.
NWS Doppler estimates here (see the color legend on the left) show over 5 inches in Hampton. The good news, it was right on top of Loch Raven Reservoir. Our top two StormCenter Weathernet rainfall amounts:
Towson- Cromwell Valley ES= 3.86"
Parkville- Parkville MS = 1.37"

Today's forecast is a bust. For me at least.
I bit on the one abrupt model run that had the coastal hang closer and give us rain. NOPE! However, before you call me Dope on a Rope... it is more humid and a cold front is approaching. The chance of more showers and storms will return this afternoon and last at least into Friday....

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