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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Energy Plan: A Third Party Candidate

Or just a third party... Or should I say PART-TAY!
Paris Hilton posted this video yesterday in response to McCain using her in his ad. About 20 seconds of this sounds good....

Why am I so interested in the energy plan...well it all ties into the weather. First is the environmental aspect. Is there contribution to Climate Change? By now, you know my stance. However, there is major pressure and impact on the policy planning. Next will be the winter season. You think it's bad on a hot summer day running the AC, how about when we turn the corner into a colder winter? the tight oil market will be tied into every cold spell and winter storm. Yes, I do believe that we are overdue for a cold and snowy winter, so I would like to have some plan in action by then.
As for the energy market itself... A friend of mine just began working for an energy trading company as a forecaster. I find this field fascinating. His job is to monitor the forecasts for 13 cities and jump on a 'bust'. Essentially, if the temperatures will stay below the forecast, he will contact traders, who in turn can make money on that. Energy companies plan their production on expected use based on the weather. If they plan for a 94F day, but storms hit earlier and it only hits 88F, then less demand from customers using their AC will result in added energy not used. That can be bought and sold. in addition, these companies can lower their production based on demand to be more efficient themselves. How about that?

Local Weather:
We will see less demand on our home AC units in the next few days. While I expect us to reach near 90F behind today's cold front, it will gradually get cooler each day into the weekend. Friday will be seasonable day... By Sunday, some of our northern suburbs will have lows in the 50s and may end up between 75F-80F in the afternoon.
Pretty good, huh?

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