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Thursday, August 28, 2008

'Fay' Here Today, Gustav Getting Stronger, Phoenix Flooding and Water Rescue Video

NOTE: I deleted this video, since I could not get it to load up on a pause. If you want the link, send ma and email...
What remains of the historic Tropical Storm Fay is just a wet storm. It's here today, and living up to it's image as a slow mover. Our threat of showers will last into Saturday. The afternoons will have more impressive returns on the radar, and that means a good chance of building thunderstorms. We need the rain, so suck it up- at least be happy your lawn gets to do just that.
This cold front in the Great Lakes will try to sweep everything through on Saturday, and if it times out properly, then we will have an improved Sunday along with Labor Day Monday. The 'end of summer' could give us sunshine and temps back into the 80s...

Gustav had weakened yesterday, but strengthening this morning. As of this morning, it was still a Tropical Storm. In fact it went against my theory, went got a push to the southwest. It is being influenced by High Pressure in the Gulf. While the latest track (follow along on the Tropics Page in the Seasonal tab above- on shows a target for New Orleans, I would be stunned it that worked out with that precision this far out. Odds are it will end up somewhere in the 300 mile range in the 5 day cone... but at least New Orleans is taking this seriously. That had similar warning for Katrina, but if I went further into- it would get political, and some of you won't like the real truth about the responsibility (it was the local jurisdiction's fault). Needless to say, expecting New Orleans to take this on the chin is a stretch. If and when this play out a little differently, can we finally accept that the long range models on Global Warming are not precise as well???? Computer Models are not perfect! Although on a rare occasion the blind squirrel finds a nut. Here you can see the outlook shows another storm that may get named Hanna today. Two more stretching back to the African coast. We are entering the most active 4 weeks of Hurricane season and it is living up to is expectation.

Monsoon Mania:
This is the time of year the desert gets wet. It's the end of summer when the winds shift and allow rain to fall in the southwest. Here is video (deleted on Aug 31- email me for the link)of Live coverage from our sister station in Phoenix showing a car stuck against a bridge with a dangerous rescue. Only 6 inches of moving water can pick up an SUV. This is obviously much higher, but what a rescue attempt. I can't understand why they went to commercial break???

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