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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cold Air Delayed a Day

These images will update every time you load the page. The trough I mentioned on Friday will be moving through today. The radar will show a line a showers that will develop as the final push of cold air moves in. Typically showers will persist in the mountains of PA, WV and western MD after the cold air settles in. For most of central MD however, it will be the trough itself that will most likely bring us showers. As you can see, at least as of Sunday morning, the truly cold air was lingering just north on the other side of the Appalachians. There is a shot of snow mixed in back west, but I do not see it for us now. Since the cold air will be delayed a day, it will have a chance to modify before reaching us. However, if we get some convective storms to develop this afternoon- small hail is possible. That is because the freezing layer is pretty low, so it would not take much vertical lift to reach this. In fact, most showers in the spring and summer do have hail, but tends to melt before reaching the ground so you would never know it. That is a minor factor though. Plan on a much colder than normal pattern into Wednesday. There may be a dramatic warm up beyond that- but I will look into that tomorrow.

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