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Friday, April 25, 2008

Historic Heat Wave. Severe Weather Plan Video

After three days of filling in the daily almanac for my morning graphics, I noticed a trend... The Record High dates kept staying the same as the previous day. So I went back into the archives and found this 4 day stretch of records. You'll notice the 23rd and 25th(today's date) both at 94F. That is the warmest ever for Baltimore.
I have frequently documented historic heat waves, and it still amazes me how frequently these 'waves' last 3 or 4 days. It takes a special pattern to develop first to establish a record, that it can last for a while.

Well, we are not in record heat, but this pattern will hold our temperatures up through the first half of the weekend. A series of showers will move through and knock out numbers down. First, a round of showers will try to move through tonight and early Saturday. Most of Saturday should be dry, but some thunderstorms will arrive in the afternoon and evening. Then Sunday will bring in the cooler temps and a better chance of steady rain. At least the new grass seed will get a drink. It's possible that 1-2 inches of rain may fall.
What would you do if a tornado struck? Do you have a family plan? Watch this video- this guy did.

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